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Overview: How To Play 90-Ball Bingo
90-ball bingo is the most famous type of bingo played in the United Kingdom. At Bingo Liner, the Bingo 90 game’s bingo cards have random numbers ranging from 1 through 90. As soon as the bingo game begins, the Bingo Liner computer will call out all 90 balls (from a pool of 90 balls) at random.

You will see the numbers on your bingo card get marked off as the numbers are called automatically during the game. If the number that is called is on your bingo card, then that number is marked off. You will hit BINGO and be eligible to win a prize amount in 90-ball bingo at Bingo Liner if the pattern on your ticket matches the predetermined winning pattern.

First place goes to the player that correctly marks off any horizontal line, the 2nd place winner is the player that covers any two line pattern, and the “Full House” winner goes to the player that covers all 3 lines on their card.

bingo liner 90 ball bingo cards

90-Ball Bingo Cards
The sold in Bingo Liner for 90-ball bingo games consist of a 3×9 grid of numbers. Each horizontal line contains 9 boxes that display 5 numbers and 4 empty spots.

The lines are arranged like so:

  • 1st Column = 1-9
  • 2nd Column = 10-19
  • 3rd Column = 20-29
  • 4th Column = 30-39
  • 5th Column = 40-49
  • 6th Column = 50-59
  • 7th Column = 60-69
  • 8th Column = 70-79
  • 9th Column = 80-90

The cards contain 3 horizontal lines and 9 vertical columns in 90-ball games. Because each line has five numbers, each bingo card has a total of 15 numbers.

bingo liner 90 ball bingo card
bingo liner 90 ball bingo card examples

Winning Patterns
At Bingo Liner, there are three successive patterns in 90-ball bingo games that can get you a win, and each unique pattern has its own prize.

90-ball bingo successive patterns are as such:

  • Any 1 Line (i.e. Cover all of the numbers in any single row)
  • Any 2 Lines (i.e. Cover all of the numbers in any two rows)
  • Full House (i.e. Cover all 15 numbers on any card)

On occasion, Bingo Liner players can get all 3 of the prizes during a game if they are the first to achieve all three of the patterns.

bingo liner online bingo game winning patterns

: Jackpots & Prizes
In Bingo Liner’s , the prize amount is largely dependent on the number of players playing in the bingo game and the number of bingo cards you hold.

At Bingo Liner, all bingo games are played for a Jackpot. The Jackpot amount fluctuates according to times of play and pre-determined patterns. The first person to hit “BINGO” within a specific number of balls wins the jackpot. In case nobody wins the jackpot, the jackpot is carried over to the next game.

From time to time, Bingo Liner offers a in a select number of bingo games. Bingo Liner has coined this the “Mega Vault” (often referred to as Bingo Bonanza) Progressive Jackpot and it is played across all participating Leapfrog Gaming sites.

bingo liner 90 ball bingo game payouts prizes jackpots

In-Game Options
Lots of game options exist within Bingo Liner. You can switch the automatic dauber (aka Autoplay) on/off, buy additional bingo cards, or play video slots while waiting for the next bingo game to start. You can even customize the Bingo Liner interface to suit your personal preferences.

bingo liner 90 ball bingo game options

Purchasing Bingo Cards
REQUIRED: To enter a bingo game at Bingo Liner, you have to purchase at least 1 bingo card.

You have the option to purchase bingo cards on the “Buy Cards” popup display under the “Quick Buy” tab by clicking the pre-defined buttons (Minimum cards, 6, 12, 24, Maximum cards) or by selecting a specific number of cards using the +/- arrow buttons. The price per card can be seen on the left side of the the “Buy Cards” popup screen.

buying bingo liner 90 ball bingo cards

Picking Bingo Cards
REQUIRED: To be able to play bingo at Bingo Liner, you’ll have to buy at least one 90-ball bingo card.

On the “Buy Cards” popup screen under the “Select Cards” tab, you can select specific bingo cards to purchase. You can either select cards one-by-one by clicking on them individually or you can select the entire row of cards by clicking on the “Select Row” button. After a card has been selected, the colour turns to orange from grey.

selecting bingo liner 90 ball bingo cards

Playing the Game
After you buy cards at Bingo Liner for a bingo game, you’ll then need to wait for the game to commence. You can monitor how much time remains until the game begins by looking at the “Next Game” countdown timer, which is visible on the left side of the Bingo Liner game interface.

At Bingo Liner, new bingo games start every few minutes – so you will never be waiting long for the next game to start. While you wait, you can play straight from inside the game interface.

As soon as the bingo game starts, all details concerning the game appear in the information section at the top of the screen. E.g. you’ll see the the prize and jackpot, the winning pattern, total number of players, etc.

playing bingo liner 90 ball bingo game

TIP: Best Time to
If you want to find out what days and/or hours are specifically the best times to play bingo on the Internet, keep reading…

As far as AM or PM is concerned, playing Internet bingo games at Bingo Liner at daybreak, lunch time, sundown, or night, makes absolutely no difference at all. Nonetheless, some Bingo Liner players have suggested that their best days to bet online have been during mid-week, on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, and not on Monday’s. Regarding Saturdays or Sundays, most are totally divided down the middle.

Even though there is not any physical evidence to support these opinions (on when is the best time to play online bingo), virtual bingo games providers such as Bingo Liner assure players that playing bingo on the Web on any day, at any time, provides the same odds of winning bingo.

bingo liner mega bingo network bingo game schedule

Daubing (or Autoplaying) Your Numbers
Bingo Liner’s bingo rooms let you decide whether you’d like to let the Bingo Liner computer daub your cards automatically for you automatically or to daub your bingo card yourself manually (by clicking your mouse). Letting the system for you will ensure you don’t forget to daub a number.

At Bingo Liner, you can select any of the bingo cards you bought for autoplay functionality on the “Buy Cards” popup screen under the “AutoPlay” tab. Just click the “Turn On” button and then checkmark the cards you would like to have auto-played. Also, you can turn off the auto-play feature at any time by removing the check-mark beside the card you chose to autoplay or by hitting the “Turn Off” button. Of course, you always have the option to switch Auto-daub back on whenever you please.

Whether you get the system to autoplay for you or you manually daub your numbers, neither choice will affect the game result. In the event that your bingo card is a winner, Bingo Liner will award you the prize and/or jackpot – guaranteed!

bingo liner autodaub autoplay feature

bingo liner autodaub autoplay button

Chat While Playing Bingo!
Playing bingo at Bingo Liner is not only about playing your cards and counting your chips… It’s also about making new buddies and chatting with other players!

That’s why chat games are such an appealing aspect of playing bingo at Bingo Liner. In fact, chat room games go on in all 90-ball bingo rooms and are moderated by Chat Leaders. You can easily create a chat by posting a message to the chat board and just the same end a chat using the click of a button.

Bingo Liner’s Chat Leaders are always within reach to chat and offer support – all the while keeping things entertaining. Just remember to familiarize yourself with a little first!

bingo liner live chat board

Winning Bingo
In 90-ball bingo at Bingo Liner, you’ll be eligible to win a prize if you hit B-I-N-G-O on any of the following 3 horizontal line patterns: One Line, Two Line and Full House.

The first place winner is the player that correctly marks off any horizontal line, 2nd place goes to the player that covers any 2 line pattern, and the “Full House” winner covers all 3 lines on the ticket.

If the pattern on your bingo ticket matches the winning pattern, the game comes to an end and your Bingo Liner username opens up in a display window saying that you are a winner of that game and prizes and/or jackpots you’ve collected.

All winnings will be then credited to your Bingo Liner account.

* Don’t have a Bingo Liner account yet?
to start playing and get £20 FREE (no deposit required).

bingo liner winning bingo message

In-Game Disconnections
Bingo Liner knows that every once in a while, the Internet unexpectedly disconnects and you can get disconnected when playing a game. Should this arise, the Bingo Liner system continues to autodaub for you and award you any prizes and/or jackpots you may win while you were away.

reasons to download bingo liner

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